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Green's Music

Take Me to the Land of Jazz
Music of the Prohibition Era

A musical trip through the "Jazz Age"
from 1919 to 1933

Ragtime Evolution Quartet


How the political decision
(The Volstead Act of 1919) to stop the manufacture, distribution, importation
and sale of alcohol helped to create
the "Jazz Age".



Lew's Chicago roots and the Ragtime Evolution bring to life the music, the characters and the places they played. The mob ran the town and controlled every speakeasy and musician who played there. These were the best jobs in town...for a while.

Green's Music
The Spirit of America
Ragtime Evolution, July 4, 2011 - Kardersteg, Switzerland

Ragtime Evolution, July 4, 2011 - Kardersteg, Switzerland

From the earliest  days of the formation of this great country, music
has always stirred the patriotic spirit of its people.

  Lew and Mary Green and their Ragtime Evolution Jazz Band present the classic songs of American music that lift the spirits of the audience and tell the story of America. Drawing from their vast library of historic American music, the Ragtime Evolution creates a modern day energy and that connects with all freedom loving people.

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