World's Greatest Drummers -1923

Greens' New Novelty Orchestra
and the Edison Company

In June 1997, the 150th anniversary of Thomas Edison's birth was celebrated at the Edison National Laboratories in West Orange NJ. Greens' New Novelty Orchestra, with its historical connection to the Edison Company, was selected to perform for the event and record 14 wax cylinders, which are now in the permanent collection of the Edison National Historic Site and the Smithsonian Institute. The original Greens' Novelty Orchestras recorded over 150 "sides" for the Edison Record Company. 

 Starting in 1916, George Hamilton Green recorded six xylophone solos. (Listen to a 1929 recording by the Greens) This continued with recordings by the novelty orchestra, the All Star Trio, The Jazzamarimba Orchestras, the Blue and White Marimba Band, Joe Green's Novelty Orchestra and a host of other recording groups all featuring George Hamilton and Joe Green. They were considered to be, then and today, the greatest xylophone performers who ever lived.

Their artistry lives on with the performances of Greens' New Novelty Orchestra. This group plays some of the original arrangements of the GNNO as well as arrangements that capture the musical style of the post WWI era. The concerts included the type of virtuoso performances which are no longer presented and have been lost and nearly forgotten by this generation.

Greens' New Novelty Orchestra brings it all back in a live concert that time forgot. Included in the performances are original George Hamilton and Joe Green compositions, favorite novelty songs of the day and some early jazz to tie it all together. It is not the same old thing, but it is the old thing and not the same.